Creating fantastic protagonists for your story or inventing original characters. This is what we do best.

We love to innovate and tailor unique styles to your brands, designing different worlds, full of rainbow-coloured life.

Licensing Characters

In our fantastic world, new characters and stories are born every day. Some of them already have their own world, and are ready to be turned into all kinds of products.

Illustrations on demand

Our passion for creativity has matured over time from our love for design and art in general. Illustration gives life to an idea, it makes it unique, it makes a statement. If you want to convey real emotions, we’re up to the challenge.

Brand Design

We’re ready to develop your brand image in a one-of-a-kind way. No matter if it is a product line that should be expanded, or a corporate image that has to be marked out. We’re there for you in our own creative way.


Creative ‘to the bone’. Vocational...


Skillful designers and long term experts of the entertainment universe.

Our media-entertainment factory brings ideas to life using our creative background and our intuitions, turning them into homemade proposals that come into play within the world’s leading licensing contexts.

We create our characters, but we as well develop visual brands for others and put our creativity to the test to give new life to our partners’ ideas through illustration.


What do we do


We develop original properties, with all due features in order to be used for products, apps, media, series or gaming

Illustration & animation

We invent brand new characters ‘on demand’, used as brand mascots or testimonials. We refurbish existing characters or develop a world around them, and we design animated series.

Brand Identity Development

We create a Brand Image, defining Visual Identity (a complete style guide with logo, palette, fonts, patterns), developing what’s needed to be unique and unmistakably recognizable.


How can we help you colour your world?

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